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Our Leadership and Staff

Meet our Pastor
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Elder James L. Styles III

Elder Styles is a man of God first, a husband second, a father third, and a friend to all. He was born in Sunflower County, MS and raised in Indianola, MS, by his beloved grandmother, Thelma Byrd. He is the one and only son of the late James L. Styles II and the late Mrs. Annie B. Spencer (Mr. Jimmy Spencer). He is the loving husband of Mrs. Rita D. Styles and the father to Jasmine S. Styles, James L. Styles IV, James T. Styles Sr., and Shewonia Sibley. 

      He came into the True Ministry at the youthful age of 32. He was taught and brought up in The Word under Bishop Marion Modley of Indianola, MS. He spent twenty years under Bishop Modley, teaching and preaching The Word of Truth. God led him to head up his own congregation in the city of Leland, MS, in an effort to spread the Word of Truth to more souls. 

Romans 8:28 KJV

Executive Board Members

These members are over the proceedings of the church and the Board of Directors.

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James L. Styles III


James is an Independent Contractor Truck Driver for K.L. Breeden & Sons, and the owner of J&R Trucking Company.

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Jasmine S. Styles


Jasmine is the Executive Director of Greenville Renaissance Scholars. She also is the CEO of Jasmine Styles Consulting Firm, Jazz Styles Company, and the Co-CEO of J Styles Fitness.

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Rita D. Styles


Rita is the Supervising Physical Science Technician at USDA/ARS. She is also the Co-Owner of J&R Trucking Company.

Board of Directors

These members are over the proceedings of TCOTLG Community Outreach & Services.

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Jasmine S. Styles


Grant Committee Chair


Dr. Alexis Hamilton

Vice President

Food Pantry Co-Chair

Workforce Program Chair

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Rita D. Styles


Finance Committee Chair


Yolanda Summerville


Workforce Committee Chair

Fundraising Committee


Leon Redmon

Fundraising Committee


Lisa Bell

Educational Outreach Committee


Charles Modley


Educational Outreach Committee

Co-Directors of Outreach


Victoria Douglas

Director of Operations & Philanthropy


Bobbie Durkins

Director of Health & Human Services

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