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More Than a Church

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Welcome to The Church of The Living God: The Pillar & Ground of The Truth, a vibrant community located in Leland, MS. We are more than just a church; we are a dynamic force dedicated to making a positive impact on our community.

Our mission is clear: to teach God's Word to all who will listen and to passionately serve the communities of Washington, Sunflower, and Bolivar Counties. We are driven by the belief that there should be no divisions among us, regardless of denomination, background, or socio-economic status, for there is no partiality in God.

Our non-profit, TCOTLG Community Outreach & Services, is the embodiment of this mission. Through its three branches - Youth Development, Workforce Programs, and Healthy & Active Living - we cater to the needs of our diverse community.

Within these branches, we offer an array of programs designed to educate and empower our community members. Whether it's providing after-school and summer feeding programs, tutoring, mentorship, or adult-focused workforce initiatives like CDL programs, driver license classes, culinary courses, and more, we equip our participants with the essential tools to thrive in this world. Our commitment to financial literacy underscores our dedication to building generational wealth and empowering our community members.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Contact us today to learn more about how you can be a part of our mission, whether through volunteering, donating, or participating in our programs. Together, we can create positive change and build a better future for all.

Mission Statement: TCOTLG Community Outreach & Services is committed to being a pillar of hope, service, and transformation in our community. Rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ, we strive to provide holistic support to individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances. Through our diverse programs, we aim to foster self-sufficiency, nurture love and kindness, and build a sense of unity within our beautiful community. We are dedicated to eradicating the barriers of food insecurity, educational challenges, and unemployment by providing essential services, mentorship, and resources. Our mission is to create a brighter future for all, exemplifying the principle that "it is always better to give than receive, for god loves a cheerful giver."

All donations given to the TCOTLG Community Outreach & Serviced are used to fund all services and programs offered to the community. Gifts can be given in the form of money, event supplies, food donations, school supplies, and whatever else that you feel is on your heart to give. 

To donate supplies, email us for a P.O. Box location. Clink the link below.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

TCOTLG Community Outreach & Services is committed to cultivating and upholding an inclusive environment that produces intellectual exchange, ever growing self-development, and comfortability in the differences of every human experience. It is the dream of TCOTLG to encourage individualism, togetherness, and empathy within a diverse community.  

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