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Recreational Engagement

Our Recreational Engagement Program at TCOTLG is dedicated to promoting health, fitness, and well-being for individuals of all ages. From children to adults and seniors, we believe in the power of an active lifestyle to enhance physical health, mental well-being, and overall quality of life. Whether through organized sports, group fitness classes, or outdoor recreational activities, our program offers something for everyone. We provide mentorship and support to help individuals develop lifelong habits for staying fit and active, while also fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among participants.



The initiative of the Recreational Engagement Program is to create a healthier, more active community by providing access to a wide range of recreational activities. Our goals include:

  1. Promoting Physical Fitness: Offering various sports leagues, group fitness classes, and outdoor activities to encourage regular physical exercise.

  2. Encouraging Social Interaction: Creating opportunities for community members to connect, build friendships, and support each other through shared activities.

  3. Supporting Mental Health: Recognizing the link between physical activity and mental well-being, we aim to provide outlets for stress relief and emotional support.

  4. Inclusive Participation: Ensuring that all community members, regardless of age or ability, have the opportunity to participate in our programs.

  5. Youth and Elderly Empowerment: Providing specific programs that cater to the needs of both young people and seniors, fostering intergenerational connections and mutual support.


By focusing on these key areas, the Recreational Engagement Program aims to enhance the overall quality of life for everyone in our community, promoting a culture of health, fitness, and unity.

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