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Pretrial Diversion Program

TCOTLG's Pretrial Diversion Program is established with stedfast commitment to providing a supportive and rehabilitative alternative for 7th through 12th graders (12 - 18 year olds) facing legal challenges within our urban community. The program aims to offer a transformative experience, redirecting participants away from the criminal justice system and towards productive, law-abiding lives. At its core, our purpose is to break the cycle of criminal behavior, providing a lifeline to at-risk youth and empowering them to build brighter, more promising futures. 


Mission and Vision Statements 

Mission Statement:

Guiding Youth to Redemption, Transforming Communities

The mission of TCOTLG’s Pretrial Diversion Program is to provide a compassionate and rehabilitative alternative for at-risk youth facing legal challenges. We are dedicated to guiding youth towards redemption, fostering personal growth, and transforming communities by offering a pathway that diverts them from the traditional criminal justice system. Through education, mentorship, and holistics support, our mission is to empower young individuals to make positive life choices and build futures defined by resilience, responsibility, and success. 


Vision Statement:

Empowering Youth, Building Stronger Communities

Our vision for TCOTLG’s Pretrial Diversion Program is to empower at-risk youth with the tools and support needed to overcome challenges and build meaningful lives. We envision communities where each young person, regardless of their past, has the opportunity to thrive and contribute positively. By guiding youth towards redemption, our program strives to be a catalyst for building stronger, safer, and more compassionate communities.--one transformed life at a time. 

Eligibility Criteria for Participants 


The TCOTLG Pretrial Diversion Program is committed to providing a rehabilitative and supportive alternative for youth who are facing legal challenges. The eligibility criteria outlined below serve as a guideline for identifying individuals who can benefit from the program’s intervention and support. 


Participants may be referred to the TCOTLG Pretrial Diversion Program through the following sources: 

  • Youth Court Systems:

    • Referrals may originate from the youth court systems in Washington, Bolivar, and Sunflower counties, reflecting a collaborative effort between TCOTLG and the legal system.

  • Schools and Educational Institutions:

    • Educational institutions may play a crucial role in identifying students who would benefit from diversion programs to address legal challenges while prioritizing their academic and personal development.

  • Community Organizations:

    • Collaborations with local community organizations may result in participant referrals, fostering a network of support and engagement.

  • Family and Community Recommendations:

    • Recommendations from families, community members, or individuals concerned about a youth’s legal challenges may also lead to program participation.

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